Nutrition Counseling

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Are you looking to improve your health and wellness? What is standing in the way of you reaching your health goals? Maegan offers a program designed just for you! It will help you identify what you want to achieve, what is standing in the way of you getting there, and work with you to create reasonable steps to get there and reach your goals. Your initial appointment will last 60 minutes and will focus on creating goals, identifying what is standing in the way of you achieving them and how to tackle them strategically. Maegan will also work with you to maintain these habits, make them lifelong and benefit you and your health long term.

Nutrition counseling is offered for many different reasons including the treatment of eating disorders, those that want to gain or lose weight, sports nutrition and those wanting to create healthy habits.

What to expect:

  • Discussion about stress management and getting quality sleep
  • Advice and discussion on beginning or increasing physical activity
  • Sample 3 day meal plan with nutrient breakdown and goals
  • Discussion about medical history, managing and preventing diet related disease, and how to live with various food allergies and intolerances.
  • Supplement planning (discussion about adding in supplements to compliment diet, help with ailments or manage long term conditions)
  • Discussion about how to fit healthy diet into YOUR lifestyle
  • …and more!

Nutrition counseling appointments can be scheduled via Telehealth or in person at one of Wasatch Physical Therapy’s 4 locations visit for more information.

Initial Appointment/60 minutes – $60

Follow Up Appointment(s)/30 minutes – $30