Why do I Teach Yoga?

One of my teachers suggest that this be a question to come back to often and consider, and it is a practice I have followed since. I know that I need to align with and understand why I am doing what I am doing so I don’t get lost in the hustle of everyday life.

So, why do I teach yoga? Today, with a break in between my two classes I pause and remember each face that enters into each class that I teach and wonder, “why are they taking time out of their busy days to come and follow along to the words and movements that I suggest to them?” They come for the same reason I do, to escape, to relax, to have a moment away from their responsibilities, to move, there are infinite reasons and I feel privileged to provide this space. I teach yoga to give people the reprieve that they need. The “yoga high” you get after class because you spent 1 hour out of your day connecting to your breath, your life force, your body that supports you endlessly.

That is why I continue to teach yoga.