Finding Inspiration in Moments of Stagnation

Create a Healthy Routine

The number one thing that I believe helps me to stay sane and inspired in a time with no certainty, or structure, is to create a schedule for myself. This does not have to be rigid by any means, but can be something as simple as waking up and taking a shower, moving into meditation (or something to feed the soul), and then cooking a meal, etc. Creating a health routine allows you time to sit and be creative, it helps to balance the chemicals in your brain preventing depression (and therefore keeping you inspired), and it allows time for sleep (one of the most vital things for our brain function and creativity!)


Create, create, create! I mean that’s what this is all about right? Set aside some time to create. Whatever that looks like for you, maybe it’s writing a blog post(!), journaling, coloring, painting, making music, crafting, building, cooking, the possibilities are truly endless. This inspires me more than anything! Cooking is one thing in particular that gives me a huge boost of inspiration. I enjoy spending time going through what I have in my fridge and pantry, even when I’m running low on food, and making what I can. The creative juices just start flowing. Inspiration is waiting to be found in the most simple things, you only need to look for it.

Get Outside 

This is another thing that can seem so simple and yet can be so inspiring. Leave the phone at home, grab your friend or pet, and hit the sidewalk (or if you’re lucky like me, the trail!) Checking out nature, hear the birds sing, see all the little critters and colors, and enjoy the life you were given. There are few things more inspiring than a simple mindful walk or hike.

Find Time to Sit in Silence 

Time spent in silence is vital for the brain and controlling the mind. One of the biggest inspiration killers in my personal life is anxiety. Spending time in silence to tune into the breath and gain control over the mind, is necessary to keep inspiration flowing. Make time in your, likely not very busy day at the moment, to sit and be with yourself. Get in tune with who you are without all the mind chatter, and this well help you find what it is you really want to spend your time doing and creating!