The Heart Chakra

Anahata, the heart chakra, is the fourth of the primary chakras and is located (you guessed it!) at the center of the heart, near the sternum. Anahata is Sanskrit for, “unhurt, unstruck, or unbeaten” and “unlimited, infinite sound,” just as love is infinite, so is anahata. In order to truly feel divine love we first must open up the heart chakra. 

The Basics:

Anahata is represented by the color green, the seed syllable of the heart chakra is the mantra, “yam,” and is represented by a lotus flower with 12 petals with a hexagram center. The color green signifies life, nature, and the divine connectedness between all living beings. The 12 petals of the lotus are said to represent the divine qualities of the heart: bliss, peace, harmony, love, understanding, empathy, clarity, purity, unity, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness. The hexagram center, containing two opposing triangles, is said to symbolize the center of all of the chakras. This refers to the fact that one triangle is pointing up towards the three more spiritual chakras, and the other triangle pointing down towards the three more physical chakras. The hexagram is the meeting point of the flow of human consciousness upwards towards the spiritual and downwards toward the physical world, the integration of all existence, male and female, sun and moon, everything meets at the heart center.

In Balance:

When Anahata is in balance, everything can seem wonderful. Colors shine brighter, relationships become easier and smoother, the world becomes a more beautiful place. We are filled with forgiveness, compassion, and understanding when our heart chakra is open and in balance. True self-acceptance and love come easy, we are able to show up for ourselves and others, and unconditional loves come naturally in all of our relationships.


Anahata can provide an experience of joy and delight, but it can become easily out of balance if the mind and consciousness are not kept in balance. Misleading thoughts, feelings, fixed ideas, and complexes can affect us physically and arise in the Anahata chakra. You know that tight feeling that you feel in your chest when hard emotions are arising in the body and mind? That’s the imbalance I’m talking about in Anahata. When out of balance you may start to feel overly defensive, closed off, jealous, codependent, or unworthy of love.

Anahata is the seat of love, and because of this it is no wonder why the heart is regarded as the symbol of love. As Valentine’s Day is upon us, there is no more fitting topic. The heart chakra invites us to love, to love ourselves and others, to act with compassion, and to do so unconditionally. When our heart opens up to divine love, the possibilities are limitless.

Heart Chakra Affirmations:

I send love to everyone I know; all hearts are open to receive my love.

I accept that pain is an essential part of my growth and development.

I love myself for me and the potential within me.

All past hurt I release into the hands of love.

I am grateful for all the love that is in my life.

Other people deserve my compassion.

The love I feel for myself and others is unconditional.

Love will set me free. Others love the best that they can.